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Sept. 7, 2018

What is remembered about Moscow forum "City of education-2018"

The President of INTESCO, Head of the Moscow school 45 Mikhail Schneider told about how the Moscow international forum city of education was held: 
"Four days, from August 30 to September 2, I spent at the Moscow international forum "City of Education". There were some events for principals - City teachers 'Council with the strategic speech of the Moscow Mayor S. S. Sobyanin," Director's Saturday " with the report of the Minister of the Government of Moscow, the head of the Department of education of the city I. Kalina, the international conference of heads of ministries of education of megacities, various sessions, for example, a very interesting round table of the center for independent diagnostics, dedicated to the registration and integration of data on educational achievements of students, two panel discussions, dedicated to the implementation of IB programmes in Russia with participation of representatives of IBO John Halligan and Vedrana Pavletich, Heads of Moscow schools- participants of the project "Moscow: international school of quality", the head of the Provider center IB in Moscow Alexander Kondakov, finally, the exhibition dedicated to our project, prepared by colleagues from many schools and Intesco, which was popular among visitors (I am glad that it was visited by the heads of the Moscow Department of education, without whose support this project could hardly be implemented), the demonstration of the film "Russia: twenty years with the International baccalaureate" - that's just the "official" side of these days. And the opportunity to get acquainted with the developments of colleagues, to communicate with them, ask questions and get detailed explanations. No less important is the fact that the Forum was a lot of interesting for teachers and children. I'm glad that never heard from teachers in the past, the sacramental question: "where can I give the certificate?"- so, the program itself was so exciting that no one remembered the formalities. 45-I was represented not only by volunteers who worked at the stand, but also by teachers and students. The organizers took care of registration of those wishing to visit the Forum in advance, so it was possible to avoid organizational chaos, although a huge number of people gathered, especially on the day of knowledge on September 1. Сhildren liked participation in the Forum, probably not least because the exhibits could be tested in action, to be in the role of users and operators of various IT-devices, to play "smart games", and not just look at the achievements of modern technology from afar.
No less important was the content of discussions and sessions (which I usually miss at the famous exhibition BETT). Questions and opinions was a huge amount, they have to organize, the benefit worked МособрTV and children press-center, kindly agreed to shoot our session.
When we dismantled our pavilion on Sunday evening, I felt a sense of regret, although, of course, the school had a lot of issues that needed to be addressed. Well, if I did not have time to go to school, then there were means of communication, and my colleagues successfully coped with the final stage of preparation for the meeting of children. 
And finally, about the time of the Forum. It was chosen absolutely correctly: the teachers were still free from regular classes, it was not necessary to redraw the schedule, and, of course, the students enjoyed the last days of the summer holidays at the Forum. And at the weekend they were joined by their parents. So we are waiting for the next campaign in the "city of education", in which Moscow, without a doubt, has become in recent years."

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April 13, 2018

President of INTESCO at the Global IB conference in Singapore

At the end of March at the Global conference IBO and the Forum of Directors of IB schools, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the International baccalaureate, the President of INTESCO M. Schneider has held meeting with the Head of IB World Schools Stuart Jones and Adrian Kearney, as well the Finance Department of IB.  The member of the Board Irina Bogantseva took part in negotiations. The subject of discussion was the extension of the agreement between IBO and INTESCO as the services provider in the Russian Federation and the settlement of financial issues between IBO and Moscow schools participating in the project "Moscow: international school of quality". Arrangements have been made to enable each party to fulfil its obligations in a timely manner. The duration of the current Agreement, which was due to expire on 31 March, was extended until may 31, 2018, with the prospect of concluding a new Agreement for the next academic year. 
Photo: Stuart Jones and Michael Schneider in the office of the IBO.


April 12, 2018

Moscow schools visited Armenia

INTESCO organized a learning tour to Armenia to study the experience of the Armenian schools involved in the IBO system. The delegation included 15 representatives from the INTESCO schools. On April 10 and 12, Quantum College, one of the leading schools of Armenia, hosted guests. Robert Vardanyan, Principal of the school told about the traditions and characteristics of teaching and learning in DP IBO classes and in school in general. A tour of the school was held and attended lessons of Maths, Computer science, Economics and English. An important feature of the IB DP program is the application of critical thinking skills and a research method of learning. Representatives of the INTESCO schools were observing the work of "Virtual lab", became participants of experiments in physics, the methodology of which was developed by the teachers of Quantum college. Also there was a conversation with the DP students. Openness, willingness to dialogue, awareness of their responsibility for the future of their country and the desire to solve complex problems are those qualities that are characteristic of students of the International Baccalaureate. "Learning on IB program is much more difficult", the students noted, but "studying in the IB diploma program really prepares students for successful integration in a rapidly changing world".

On April 11, a delegation of Moscow schools implementing IB programs visited the international College of United World Colleges (UWC), which is located in Dilijan, Armenia. Representatives of more than 80 countries study at UWC Dilijan. During the meeting with the guests, the Principal of the College Deniz Davidson told that the mission of UWC Dilijan is to turn education into a force capable to unite people, nations and cultures for the sake of a peaceful and sustainable future. A means to achieve this goal is authorized IBO programs. During the tour of the College, it became clear that there is an amazing atmosphere where teachers help each student to reach new heights and enjoy simple pleasures, to find arguments for and against, to take risks and overcome difficulties. 

Visit of UWC Dilijan and Quantum college as a trip across Armenia as a whole left a lot of unforgettable memories and new experience for the participants.

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Jan. 29, 2018

The Annual meeting of NP INTESCO 2018

On January 26, 2018 the Annual General meeting of the non-Profit Partnership For the development of  international schools "INTESCO" was held at the European Gymnasium. The Partnership is a platform for the exchange of experience of schools implementing International programs, including International Baccalaureate program. Using innovative approaches to international education, such as differentiated instruction, the new information technologies, specialized systems of assessment and result orientation, and Partnerships' schools  are actively implementing these approaches in practice.
The report Of M. Schneider, President of INTESCO outlined the main directions of the Partnership - a constant support of schools in the implementation of programs, the organization of cooperation with international schools, educational seminars for both teachers and students as well as participation in international conferences. The partnership is a platform for exchange of experience and cooperation. And this is a great opportunity to share experiences and ideas.

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Jan. 19, 2018

Annual General Meeting of NP INTESCO

On January 26 2018, the annual General meeting of the Non-profit partnership for the development of international schools "INTESCO"was held in the European gymnasium (Moscow). The Partnership is a platform for exchange of experience in the implementation of international school programs, including international undergraduate programs. Using advanced approaches of international education, such as differentiated education, the latest information technologies, specialized systems of evaluation and result orientation, schools of partnership actively implement these approaches in practice.
In the report of INTESCO President Mikhail Shneider the main directions of the partnership were outlined: the constant support of schools in the implementation of programs, the organization of cooperation with international schools, educational seminars for both teachers and students, as well as participation in international conferences. Partnership is a platform for exchange of experience and cooperation. And this is a great opportunity to share experiences and ideas for the Russian international schools.

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