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План работы Партнерства
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The main goal of the Partnership is to assist the Members in carrying out activities aimed at developing international educational programs in educational institutions of the Russian Federation and distribution of best Russian schools practices in the international educational space.

The main objectives of the Partnership, as well as achieving its goals, are: 

1. Providing mutual support for schools implementing international educational programs;
2. Promotion of international educational programs in the Russian Federation;
3. Submission of interests of the Partnership in government offices of the Russian Federation and international educational organizations;
4. Development and support of cooperation programs between schools and universities;
5. Assisting professional development of teachers and school administrators from Russian schools implementing or preparing to implement international education programs;
6. Ensuring protection of rights and legitimate interests of the Partnership for the dissemination of educational services provided by the Members of the Partnership.
7. Harmonization and adaptation of Russian and foreign educational norms, standards, programs and models and their subsequent implementation. 

Legal entities, including foreign legal entities, and fully capable citizens of the Russian Federation can become Partnership Members.

Entry fee - 3 minimum wage in Russia (RUR 12 792 x 3 = 38 376 rubles).
Annual fee - 3 minimum wage in Russia (RUR
12 792 x  3 = 38 376 rubles).

Admission to Membership and the exclusion from the Partnership is proceeded according to the decision of the General meeting of Partnership Members.

Partnership Members hold the following set of privileges:

 1. Promotion of international educational programs in the Russian Federation.

 Popularization and adaptation of recognized and effective educational practices, norms, standards, programs and models and their subsequent implementation in Russian schools, firstly, in Member Schools.

 Interaction with public authorities, business community, similar associations, institutions  and non-governmental organizations on the development of school education.

 2 . Assistance for Partnership Members in implementation of activities aimed at the development of international educational programs.

 Expert support for schools implementing international programs , including IB.

 Methodical support for organization of training for specialists in educational institutions.

 Organization of support and mutual help for Member Schools .

 Support for talented teachers, pupils and school administrators.

 3 . Professional development.

 Implementation of initiatives aimed at improving all aspects of quality of school education; its development  within the framework of organization of various workshops, scientific conferences, business meetings and other events for Partnership members, teachers, administrators, parents and students. Invitation of leading Russian and foreign experts in education. Providing projects related to the development of international educational programs and privileged conditions for Members.

 Professional retraining of teachers.

 4 . Organizational and informational support for partners’ activities.

 Informing and consulting of interested individuals and organizations on the conduct of round tables, seminars, workshops, training courses and conferences .

 5 . Online access to methodological content on educational topics.

 Allocation of relevant materials on international school education in the hidden part of Partnership's website, ability for free download for Partnership Members.

 Summarizing the experience of educational institutions and creation of databases.

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